RLC has developed a full range of legal practices in litigations. We represent a number of clients either as defendant or plaintiff in labour related cases, civil cases, criminal cases, Administrative cases as well as Commercial cases.

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Legal Advices

RLC legal services range from commercial and financial companies to legal representation of physical Persons. Those legal services includes Legal advice to the General Assemblies and Administrative Councils; Financial Operations on increase of Capital, cession of shares, and conventions between the shareholders.

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RLC offers advice on the Companies especially the banks on drafting and application of loan contracts (guarantee, mortgage and Collateral hypothecs). Drafting different commercial contracts (statute, vente de fonds de commerce, leasing etc). We advise to commercial Companies for mutual negotiations. Defending the interests of different Companies before the jurisdictions as plaintiff or defendant.

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Our Partners

Though we advise essentially under the Rwandan Law, we have partners in various countries around the world. Through our network, clients receive business advisory and legal services in East Africa, Europe, and other many countries.

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Our Services

We Offer The Following Services

Administrative Litigation at RLC

The RLC Law Firm is a pioneer in its involvement in numerous administrative litigations. People often deal with administrative agencies and administrative law when they apply for government benefits.

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Arbitration at RLC

Recognizing the benefits of arbitration and the long local tradition for Alternative Dispute Resolution, the RLC Arbitrators follows a pro-arbitration policy, which includes, for instance, prioritizing arbitration...

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Civil litigation representation at RLC

Civil cases that aims to balance competing interests between institutions of government on the one hand and individuals or groups of individuals on the other. The Rukangira Law Chambers in such practice work on cases...

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Commercial & Labor Litigation at RLC

Due to the unique structure of our firm and dedication of our attorneys, we have the flexibility and capability to take on cases across the legal spectrum. Our clients approach us for help with all types of legal issues.

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Penal/Criminal litigation at RLC

The Rukangira Law Chambers handles all types of criminal charges. We defend individuals and corporate entities in high stakes criminal litigation. The focus on the trial informs our strategy even at the investigative stages.

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Intellectual Property at RLC

The Rukangira Law Chambers has distinguished itself as the go-to law firm for inventors and artists when major corporations infringe their rights. RLC provide as well services to regiseter, renew patents and other intellectual-property rights.

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RLC Jan 18, 2019 About Us

Thousands of hours in the courtroom have provided The Rukangira Law Chambers' Attorneys with the skills that clients need. RLC has gained a reputation over the years and now regarded with high respect for its professional services and continued Attorney-Client relationships. We endeavor to develop close working relationships with our clients and we are committed to serve.


We study/analyse your case in team

Meeting room Studying a case Our Team

The Rukangira Law Chambers' Attorneys have a commitment to Excellence with a Passion for Justice. Working as team, RLC is committed to delivering consistent and sustainable performance as our clients demand, we are most experienced professional Advocates who have embraced modern legal practices and we have immensely employed this expertise in handling the close demand legal services demanded by our clients.

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