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RLC address a number of commercial related concerns. To complement to our enlarged growing legal services, our office offers business orientations to investors in Rwanda mainly but not limited to: Intellectual property registration and protection; Trademarks registration and protection; Patent rights registration and protection; Industrial design and model; Title Deeds services; Mortgages registration services; Company registration in general; Registration of foreign companies services; Receiverships, Mediation.

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RLC legal services range from commercial and financial companies to legal representation of physical Persons. Those legal services includes among other:
• Legal advice to the General Assemblies and Administrative Councils;
• Financial Operations on increase of Capital, cession of shares, and conventions between the shareholders;
• Advise on the Companies especially the banks on drafting and application of loan contracts (guarantee, mortgage and Collateral hypothecs);
• Drafting different commercial contracts (statute, vente de fonds de commerce, leasing etc) ;
• Advise to commercial Companies for mutual negotiations;
• Defending the interests of different Companies before the jurisdictions as plaintiff or defendant.