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The Constitution of The Republic of Rwanda


    Rwanda Bar Association

  • Law N°83/2013 OF 11/09/2013 Establishing the Bar Association In Rwanda And Determining Its Organization And Functioning

  • RBA Internal Rules and Regulations_Règlements d'Ordre Intérieur

  • RBA Regurlation Fixing the Scale of Fees for Advocates

    Civil Law

  • Law Nº27/2016 of 08/07/2016 Governing Matrimonial Regimes, Donations and Successions

  • Law N°71/2018 of 31/08/2018 Relating to The Protection Of The Child

  • Law Nº32/2016 OF 28/08/2016 Governing Persons and Family

    Criminal Law

  • Law Nº68/2018 of 30/08/2018 determining offences and penalties in general

  • Law Nº69/2019 of 08/11/2019 determining offences and penalties in general

  • Law Nº 027/2019 of 19/09/2019 relating to the criminal procedure


  • Law N°30/2018 of 02/06/2018 Determining the Jurisdiction of Courts

  • Law No 22/2018 of 29/04/2018 Relating to The Civil, Commercial, Labour And Administrative Procedure

  • LawN° 025/2021 of 12/05/2021 amending Law no 22/2018 of 29/04/2018 relating to the civil, commercial, labour and administrative procedure

  • Ministerial order n° 17/MOJ/AG/20 of 30/10/2020 determining court fees in civil, commercial, labour, administrative and criminal matters

  • Organic Law N° 03/2013/OL of 16/06/2013 Repealing Organic Law N° 08/2005 Of 14/07/2005 Determining the Use and Management Of Land In Rwanda

  • Law N° 27/2021 of 10/06/2021 governing land

  • Law n° 66/2018 of 30/08/2018 Regulating labour in Rwanda

  • Ministerial Order No 002/19.20 of 17/03/2020 establishing the list of gross misconduct

  • Law N°45/2011 Of 25/11/2011 Governing Contracts

  • Rwanda Intellectual Property Policy

  • Itegeko N° 017/2020 ryo ku wa 07/10/2020 rishyiraho sitati rusange igenga abakozi ba Leta

  • Law N° 31/2009 of 26/10/2009 on the protection of intellectual property

  • Law N° 06/2015 of 28/03/2015 relating to investment promotion and facilitation

  • Law N° 23/2018 of 29/04/2018 relating to insolvency and bankruptcy

  • Law N°48/2017 OF 23/09/2017 Governing The National Bank Of Rwanda

  • Law Nº 47/2017 of 23/9/2017 governing the organisation of banking

  • Law No 017/2021 Of 03/03/2021 relating to financial service consumer protection

  • Law N°17/2018 of 13/04/2018 governing companies

  • Law N° 007/2021 of 05/02/2021 governing companies

  • Law No 51/2010 OF 10/01/2010 Establishing The Kigali International Arbitration Centre And Determining Its Organisation, Functioning And Competence

  • Kigali International Arbitration Center Rules

  • Instructions N° 001/2019 of 05/12/2019 of the President of the Supreme Court governing court mediation in civil, commercial, labour and administrative cases

  • Law N° 026/2019 of 18/09/2019 on tax procedures

  • RRA Interest and Fines Guide

  • Law N°62/2018 of 25/08/2018 governing public procurement

  • Instructions N° 001/2020/ORG of 12/05/2020 of the Registrar General regulating modalities of management, lease, auction and acquisition of mortgage