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Penal/Criminal litigation at RLC

The Rukangira Law Chambers handles all types of criminal charges. We defend individuals and corporate entities in high stakes criminal litigation. The focus on the trial informs our strategy even at the investigative stages. With this in mind, we focus on representing clients.
Our results speak for themselves. We’ve helped our clients obtain optimal results numerous times from the primary to the Supreme Court levels over the years.
While Prosecutors and District Attorneys sanction illegal behaviour, the Rukangira Law chamber’s criminal defence team assists and support clients accused of all sorts criminal activity to get justice.

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To those facing criminal charges, the choice of counsel can make all the difference. A lawyer, as vital advocate for the accused, conducts early investigation, identifies applicable defenses, analyzes strengths and weaknesses, prepares legal applications, also called motions, negotiates with prosecuting authorities, and zealously defends an accused before a jury. RLC is commited to serve in this practice area.