• The Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015

  • Law No37/2016 of 08/09/2016 determining organisation, jurisdiction, competence and functioning of an Abunzi Committee

  • Law N27/2016 Of 08/07/2016 Governing Matrimonial Regimes, Donations and Successions

  • Law N83/2013 Of 11/09/2013 Establishing The Bar Association In Rwanda And Determining Its Organization And Functioning

  • Organic Law N 01/2012/OL Of 02/05/2012 Instituting The Penal Code

  • Law N 30/2013 Of 24/5/2013 Relating To The Code Of Criminal Procedure

  • Law N32/2016 Of 28/08/2016 Governing Persons And Family

  • Organic Law N01/2015/OL of 05/05/2015 Modifying And Complementing Organic Law N 51/2008/OL of 09/09/2008 Determining The Organisation, Functioning and Jurisdiction of Courts

  • Law N21/2012 Of 14/06/2012 Relating To The Civil, Commercial, Labour And Administrative Procedure

  • Organic Law N 03/2013/Ol Of 16/06/2013 Repealing Organic Law N 08/2005 Of 14/07/2005 Determining The Use And Management Of Land In Rwanda

  • Law N 06/2015 Of 28/03/2015 Relating To Investment Promotion And Facilitation

  • Sentence Arbitrale en cause: Golf Course Estate contre Raphael Rukerikibaye Prononcé en date du 12 Novembre 2010

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  • Law N 54/2018 Of 13/08/2018 on Fighting Against Corruption

  • Law N68/2018 of 30/08/2018 determining offences and penalties in general

  • Law N 66/2018 of 30/08/2018 regulating labour in Rwanda

  • Law N30/2018 of 02/06/2018 determining the jurisdiction of courts

  • Law No 22/2018 of 29/04/2018 relating to the civil, commercial, labour and administrative procedure

  • Law N62/2018 of 25/08/2018 governing Public Procurement